The Project:

The aim of One World with Many Faces is to create a record of the faces of people from 12 major cities on four continents.

In each city I take photographs and short videos of 720 city-dwellers in order to capture 8,000 faces from all over the world. All the people are photographed in the same container, in front of the same backdrop, and with the same lighting. In this way the inhabitants of 12 capital cities from different continents come together in the same room and under the same circumstances.

From the video material I produce a 24-hour video, in which every face appears for 10 seconds. For each city I also print a book with the faces the of the respective city's inhabitants: Vienna, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Panama City, Antwerpen, Lodz, Tokyo, etc...

As a result archives will be created which can be made generally accessible in public museums and galleries.

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Das Gesicht der Stadt Wien - The Face of the City of Vienna
31. May - 11. June 1996, Wien

Iris Gniosdorsch, Eine Welt mit vielen Gesichtern
Iris Gniosdorsch, A World with Many Faces


Het aangezicht der Stad Antwerpen - The Face of the City of Antwerp
28. May - 11. June 1997, Antwerpen


La Cara de Bogotá - The Face of Bogota
30. June - 9 July 1997, Santafé de Bogotá

Armando Silva, Por los Archivos de Dios
Armando Silva, For the Archives of God

  La Cara de Panama - The Face of Panama
18. July - 11. August 1997, Ciudad de Panamá

Pedro Rivera O., Espejo del tiempo
Pedro Rivera O., Time Mirror

  La Cara de Buenos Aires - The Face of Buenos Aires
23.Agust - 4.September 1997, Buenos Aires

Beatriz Sarlo, Fotos de Buenos Aires
Beatriz Sarlo, Photos of Buenos Aires

  Oblicze Lodzi - The Face of Lodz
3. September - 11. September, 1999, Lodz

Magda Ujma, Miasto i ludzie
Magda Ujma, The City and its People


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