"The face of Panamá City" was made possible through the substantial financial support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Department for the Arts of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

For additional financial, material, mental and practical support for the realization of "A world with many faces" we thank:

GECU (University Group of Experimental Film).

Panamanian Embassy in Austria
National Culture Institute of Panamá
Museo del Hombre Panameño
Pitú Jaén, Panamá
Roberto Enrique King, Panamá
Javier Medina, Panamá
Pedro Rivera, Panamá

For their technical support with the realization of shooting the photographs and videotapes we thank:

José R. Barria
Natividad Jaén
Noemi Jaén
Suleyka Jaén
Rogelio Navarro
Alberto Vergara Galvis

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