"The face of Santafe de Bogota was made possible through thesubstantial financial support of the Instituto Distrital de Cultura y Turismo of Bogota, te Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Department for the Arts of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, as well as the Goethe-Institut Bogota.

For additional financial, material, mental and practical support for the realization of "A world with many faces" we thank:

Austrian Embassy in Colombia
Colombian Embassy in Austria
Colombian Embassy in Germany
Programa Cultura Ciudadana, Bogota
Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Private Institute of Contemporary Family Photography, Cologned
German Society for Photography e.V., Cologne
Elfo, Lodz
Hotel Café de Rosita, Bogota
theuretzbacher/theuretzbacher , Vienna
Paul Bromberg, Bogota
Burgos Bernal Family, Bogota
Armando Duque, Bogota
Santiago Mutis, Bogota
Paulo Orozco, Bogota
Malgorzata Jankowska, Cologne
Bettina Strunk, Cologne
Romie Singh, Cologne

For their technical support with the realization of shooting the photographs and videotapes we thank:

Sebastian Duque - Container organization and adaptation
Muyi y Urian Neira – Exterior container design
Maria Neila Santamaria – Assistant

As well as:

Pilar Arcila
Helena Biermann
Alejandro Burgos
Lavinia Fiori
Justo Pastor Jimenez
Ana Gabriela Jimenez
Pilar Maecha
Pilar Montealegre
Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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